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Recent Work

Custom home foundation – Jason

This project is a 3,300 SQ FT home in Washougal Washington, up Washougal river road about 7 miles. The elevation of the job site posed a problem due to snow and weather and after weighing our options the decision was made to put the job on hold for a few weeks before we could return to excavate. Once our team was established they spent 5 days on the build. The total cost for the foundation was $19,500.00.

In addition to the foundation of the home, a 40×60 shop slab was also included. Rebar was tied and the area fine grade on the first day and the concrete was poured on the second. 2 people set up and three people poured it. Saw cut the shop slab the next morning. The total cost for the 40×60 shop slab was $15,070.00.

Our team also did the garage, back patio, and front porch slabs as well. The total for these 3 was $9,800.00

Total cost: $44,370.00

Business Park – Doug

This job included approximately 35,0000 SQ FT of slab for CMU buildings in Vancouver on 300 Grand BLVD. The project’s duration was about 4 months including sidewalks, curbs, and the approach going into the project. There were only 3 workers on this project to set it up.

This project had no complications and went smoothly for our crew on site. We had a good general contractor to work with, which always makes our job easier in the long run. We used a laser screed for the entirety of the job when pouring to make sure we have flatness that is required.

The total cost for this project was $120,000.00.

 Industrial Project – Oscar

Approximately 100,000 SQ FT with all 12 buildings to complete the project.

Project was in Vancouver off of Fourth Plain BLVD. This project had significant complications including bad soil (peat moss), and high water throughout the slabs and thicken edges. Our team came up with a cohesive strategy to combat these issues which included sump pumps running 24/7 to keep the water to a minimum while building the exterior forms and pouring concrete.

With 4-5 guys on and off on this job, it took approximately 5 days to set up exterior forms, 1 day to tie the rebar and set anchor bolts, and on the 6th or 7th day we poured concrete. All the saw cuts were done the next day.

The total cost of the project was $340,000.00.

Dusty’s Stamp Project

This project is located in Vancouver off of Padden Parkway, we had to remove and replace all concrete.

We replaced concrete with stamped and exposed aggregate concrete, we poured the driveway, front porch, back patio, fire pit, and an RV pad in the backyard. Took us approximately 2 weeks to remove and replace the old concrete with new.

Had 2-3 guys on the project and all went as planned. It was 2,800 SQ FT.

The total cost for this project was $33,500.00.

Holiday Inn – Baker

We completed the project in 3 weeks. We set up and poured the pool deck, sidewalks and curbs, and also did all the handicap ramps that were required. There were no challenges with this project. We had a 3 man crew and it ran very smooth for us.

The total cost of this job was $58,000.00

Sand and Finish Work – Mari 

We removed the old concrete and replaced it with Sand Finish concrete. We supplied her with a new sidewalk, front porch, sand finish planter box, stamped fire pit, and with a sand finish spa pad. Had 1-2 guys on this project, plus one lead man to complete this project.

Had approximately 2 and a half weeks on the project, it was small but it was detailed. This project ran very smoothly to beginning and end. We did the designing for the customer.

The total cost of this project was $34,000.00

Ed Stamped Project

This project is located in Vancouver. We completed this job in 3 1/2 weeks. We had one guy and one lead man on this project. We completed a hot tub pad, firepit, stamped stairs, with a large stamped patio. We helped the customer design to their expectations for the outcome of the project.

The total cost of this job was $37,000.00.